This coming weekend - Major three day auction of old tools old machinery old stuff

The time is here! The three day lifetime collection of Luke Robinson!

Luke Robinson Estate Auction

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Online bidding on select items: farm, wagon, blacksmithing, trapping, lots of railroad 










Thursday, June 11, 2015 10 a.m. (CST)

Railroadiana: 12’ double sided L&N depot bench, Illinois Central platform scales, Pennsylvania RR grease lamp, C&N WRR signal lanterns, Large L&N bell, I C RR kerosene buckets, CSX gas can, EMD brass bell, Pullman step stool, locks, keys, dining car lighting, cross bars, whistle stop signs, Railway Express sign, L&N conductor hat, air chimes, semaphore finial, RR tools, jacks, depot items and more.

Cast Iron:  Wagner, Griswold, Belknap and other cast iron cookware, tobacco cutters, and meat grinders,

Mining Collectibles: Turtle hats, antique mining emergency kit, miner’s belts, lunch kits, lights, lanterns, tools, picks, locks, detonator, tokens and more.

Militaria: Civil War trumpet, cavalry bags, WW1 helmets, swords, WW2 uniform, Civil war relics, cannon balls, bayonets, USMC cookware, Signal Corps. barometer, brass ship clock, Vietnam War era barber kit, Army field phone, Subcaliber mortar training kit, U.S. Army artillery wagon and much more

Police and Firemen: badges, fire hose nozzles, fire insurance placks, fire extinguishers, fire hydrant, billy club, shackles, ball and chains and more

Indian Artifacts:

Medical Antiques: cooling table, hospital bed from old Greenville Hospital, birthing chairs, prosthetic legs and hook, Devilbiss nose and throat atomizer, Septisol surgical soap dispenser, Sears and Roebuck wheelchair, gout boot, exam light, artificial teeth salesman kit, Life Extension Institute medicine bottle, Dr. Shoals arch pitter, embalming tools and more,

Musical Instruments: sousaphone, trumpets, saxophone, trombones, Hohner harmonicas, traveling organ, drum, Seeburg wall mount juke box, Wards airline radio, and more

Traps: Oneida bear traps, wolf trap, muskrat, mink, and other traps.


Friday, June 12, 10:00 a.m. (CST)

Wagons: Owensboro wagons, Buckboard wagons, Lytle goat wagon, Clymax goat wagon, John Deere wagon from Moline, IL, tobacco wagons marked “Rice Greenville”, horse drawn seeder plow, horse drawn carriage and other wagons,

Hand Tools:  Keen Kutter, Winchester, Remington, Firestone and other American made tools, Stanley, Justus, Myers & Inglin planes, broad axes, hatchets, mallets and more,

Bicycles:  Tandem Schwinn bicycles, Schwinn unicycle, Messenger deliver tricycle, Radio Flyer scooter, Honda scooter, Mini rickshaw, Ford bicycle pump and others

Advertising:  Clipper plow, Keen Kutter, Gulf, salesman samples, Ephemera and more

Vintage General Electric refrigerator, Coca Cola cooler, Pollyanna washing machine, Advanced Manufacturing St. Louis French Fried popcorn machine, brass cash register No. 1429712,

Blacksmithing and Forging:  Large bridge anvil, several other anvils, leg vice, large Erie PA vice, Buffalo blower, tongs, tapper, shears, tools and forges,

Marbles:  200 lbs., several large mineral spheres,

Crocks:  UHL, Indian Head, and Jno T. May & Co. whiskey – Central City jug 

Other Collectibles: cotton balers, pea shellers, Mandy Lee incubator, Daisy churns, cream separators, Belknap syrup press, honey press, dairy sterilizer, dairy items, cider press, tractor seats, toys, Buck Rogers ray gun, New Enterprise Galloping Greyhounds, penny machine, Petrolina, gas pump, Valvoline oil bottles, wagon wheels, Firestone and other wheels, Model T wheel racks, copper moonshine still with worm, mash jug, horse tack,


Saturday, June 13, 10:00 a.m. (CST)

Antiques and Primitive Furnishings:  baby beds, strollers, children’s school desk, Hoosier-style cabinet, metal seed bin, corn box, flour bin, large butcher block, smoking stand (one with humidor), children’s chairs, large glass display cabinets and more.

Architectural Items:  West Dodd lightning rods, brass hand rails, fireplace fenders and covers, light fixtures, door knobs, hinges, locks, dinner bells, glass, cast iron and other mailboxes and more.

Sports Antiquities:  fishing rods, Belknap minnow bucket, Mercury Neptune Model 15b1 motor, bats, snow shoes, toboggan, sleds, Daisy #99 and #160 BB guns, Benjamin Franklin BB gun, ice skates and roller skates.

Farm Tools:  hay dolly, hay rakes, de-horners, milking machine, equine training shoes, hog oilers, bail spears, antique edger, Aetna roller, cow bells, sprayers, rolls of barbed wire, branding irons, Maytag Hit and Miss engine, bee keeper suit and equipment, primitive seed bin, saw blades, crosscut saws and much more.

Miscellaneous:  Antique display cabinets, vintage clothing, FireKing glassware, ruby glass, prints, pulleys, old medicine bottles, ball field chalk liner, candle mold, cigarette molds, glass jugs and more.


Facebook Group Antique Tools Buy, Sell & Trade Weekly Friday - Saturday Auction Begins!


At the fairly new Facebook group Antique Tools Buy, Sell & Trade we are having the first of what will be the weekly Friday - Saturday auction! Along with the regular buy, sell and trade activities and the every day discussions about anything traditional tools and crafts, each week, from Friday AM until Saturday PM, any group member can post as many items as wanted in an auction format.

The rules of the auction are:

* Duration: Friday AM through Saturday PM
* State AUCTION at the beginning of the item description
* State OPENING BID and Shipping Terms. The Opening Bid can be whatever the seller chooses.
* Auction items can be listed at any time during the 48 hour period.
* There is no limit to the number of listings per person per auction cycle. Please list each item separately.
* The Seller can choose to pull an item at any time during the auction and relist if mistakes are found or if the decision is made to not list the item. It is advisable to say why you are pulling the item.
* One bump allowed.
* Soft close: The seller may extend the Saturday close by a reasonable amount of time if bids continue. 
* Bid increments will be in whole dollars. The seller may choose to set a bid increment but we strongly advise against this practice as it’s likely that no one will pay any attention to the stated increment.
* All Bids are to be Public. PM to be used for non-bid related questions regarding shipping or general questions. Failure to do so may result in being Banned.
* The Group Rules of respectful behavior apply to all auctions. 
* The Admins of The Antique Tools Buy, Sell & Trade Facebook Group take no responsibility for what transpires between an auction seller and an auction buyer. We will not resolve conflicts for you. If problems occur, please contact one of the admins for advice.
** NOTE: Buyers or Sellers who unfairly renege on an agreed upon sale will be banned from the group.

You have to have a Facebook page in order to join the group. Although the group is Public and can be read by any Facebook user, you must Join in order to participate in sales, auctions and discussions. If you are new to Facebook and have a relatively blank page, just let me know that you're asking to join. Typically, Facebook pages that are very new or blank are questioned as we want to keep out the spammers.

Antique Tools Buy, Sell & Trade

Till next, Gary

Combination Coopers Jointer And Workbench Vise

Forget about preconceived notions of what a workbench top should look like. Toss out your ideas of how a bench vise is designed, where it should be mounted, and what it should look like. Dump that data on placement of bench hook holds.

From one of my favorite blogs on the vagaries of workbenches, comes the combination coopers jointer, workbench and vise.


A Simple Plank Bench

It's not in English and I don't care. This is one of the most fascinating blogs that you should be following. Sometimes the content is translated into English, sometimes not but in all cases, the photos tell the story.

A crazy simple plank top work bench set on two horses and with a side mounted Roubo style holding clamp.


How not to overthink the process, in a handful of images.

Till next, Gary

Handy Andy Block Saw Set - Never seen one and have no idea how it works

A reader sent these two photos in about a saw set, the likes of which I have never seen. Which also means I have no clue how it works. 

His questions:

"It has two patent dates shown on the tool, 1905 and 1906.

I have not been successful so far in finding any information about this tool so I was wondering if you might be able to help.

What I am looking for is the following information:

    a. How the tool was actually used in maintaining saw blades

    b. What kind of saw blades it was used on

    c. where would this kind of a tool be used

    d. Reference link to acquire more information about the tool

    e. The value, if any, for this kind of tool."

SD Saw Set 1
SD Saw Set 1


And the answer is, Courtesy Bob Page: (Canadian and US Patents)


Some days you just have to monetize

Look to your right and you'll see a widget that displays my current Ebay listings. While the term 'monetizing' annoys me to no end, it's what everybody uses. If it was up to me, I would write something like:

Hey! I'm trying to make some cash! Lookee Here!

But, too many words and too direct. Thus, we have Monetizing because, I guess, it makes people feel better about asking other people to buy something.

Till next, Gary