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We all have our vises

Recently, Chris Schwarz posted a question about a mystery leg vise. Seems this odd duck had a dowel mounted on the bottom of the face and no one could figure out just why it was there. I remembered a vise that I've lugged up to a tailgate or two with hopes of selling it, with no luck so far.




This may not be an exact replica of the vise Chris is talking about, but it struck me that perhaps the two have something in common. Mine has an adjustable back plate that allows the user to lift the entire vise, front and back jaws together, straight up or drop the unit till the foot hits the floor. This one has a common looking bottom tenon with holes to accomodate pegs. I wonder if the vise Chris is talking about was also intended for mounting on an adjustable backplate? Even if not, here are a few images of the vise (which I may just keep and mount on some bench. It weighs in around 50 lbs).


And while we're on the subject of vices, here is an oddball vise from I don't know where:

Till next, Gary