Matte No More
Simplicity Is The Mother Of Invention

Take that, Amazon! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

I would have used a quote from the Firesign Theater, but for the life of me, I can't remember the middle of most of those performances. Strange. Perhaps it was something I ate.

The Big A continues to play havoc with stocking Lightning Source titles. Some are in stock, some are out of stock, some are deliverable in 2-3 weeks. Sales are down.

Piffle! Piffle, I say! Fiddle Sticks and Poppy Cock!

I have resolved to fight fire with combustion. Even the fly by night scam artists who populate the undergrowth of Amazon's marketplace briar patches will feel the wrath of the idependent publisher!

Shortly, I will institute a new policy, based upon the work boot, blue jean, denim work shirt ideals I grew up with, namely, the establishment is always wrong even when I'm part of the establishment. Using the power of Paypal, I will offer all titles at signifcant discount through the Toolemera Shop website. Amazon can do as it wishes. Any other website that registers through Bowker Books In Print using ISBN data can do as it wishes. WE will not be ground under the boot heels of the capitalist bosses who seeks to destory our individualism! No more bowing to the warlords whose swords threaten our starvation thinned necks! No more watching Hong Kong Shaw Bros. Movies late at night!

Those online shops who are nice to us will, of course, be offered the opportunity to sell at the same discount. It's a hard choice to make, but times they are a changin, the bell tolls for everyman and the old man and the sea catches no fish with an unbaited hook.

I am also reviewing what someone once called "the Toolemera Empire". It has me a bit spread out and as such, needs some de-spreading. How, I am not sure, but some consolidation of some sort is called for.

Till next, Gary