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The Colonial Worker In Boston, 1775

At least, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, New England Regional Office, Regional Report 75-2, Steven R. Erlanger.

While digging through untold acres of books, sifting through the detritus of years of collecting and realizing that I have bought more than I remember every buying, I find myself coming across items I remember buying but forgot buying. It's like a flea market in my basement.

This one came up in a box of ephemera. Apparently there were census takers wondering the streets of Boston just before the Revolution, collecting data for this bit of research. That alone is incredible, much less their capacity to forsee how their collected data would compare to workers across the centuries. Truly amazing.

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I must return to throwing crumpled up bits of postit notes to Louie Louie, the new feline type kitten, silver mackeral tabby, who insists on my doing so such that he may chase these bits, kill them and bury them in his water bowl.

Till next, Gary