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A. J. Wilkinson Catalog 1875. Surprise!

AJWilkinsonCat1857CvrMuch to my surprise, I own this 1875 A. J. Wilkinson & Co., Boston, trade catalog. While cleaning and sorting mounds of stuff in the basement, I discovered a small stash of ephemera in a box that I knew nothing of.

There is also a Sargent & Co. 1910 hard cover full line catalog that could easily serve as a line backer on a pro football team, but that did not thrill me as did the Wilkinson catalog.

The kicker: the price was $12.00. I have no recollection of buying it so I can't say when and where, but obviously it was a good buy. The rear cover is loose so my guess is the seller felt this was a poor quality item and thus could not be sold at full value. I guess I was not going to argue.

The logo on the cover, one which Msr. Donnelly had appropriated for his enterprise some years past, is one of my favorites. If he had not taken it, I'm sure I would. That said, I'm satisfied with my mascot.

Next up, deaccessioning stationary power equipment that I am not going to use and have not used in years. Not a ton, just your average basement shop of mid-1980's Delta stuff along with some other brands thrown in. Lacking depth perception and liking my fingers, these have to go. I'll miss the band saw the most, but I figure that if I find a need for one again, the new little Delta model will do nicely for the limited stuff that might come up. Or, a simply fret saw or coping saw will do in a pinch.

Till next, Gary