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Mr. Salomon Comes To Town

Why no recent stuff at the Toolemera Web Site aka The Museum?

Simply put, despite my best efforts to reign in the monster, the Toolemera Web site, heretofore known as The Museum (largely because when I called it Free Stuff there was the occasional request for Free Stuff) has become so large that when anything is added, subtracted or changed, the corrected upload is messing up.

I've checked the images, checked the CSS, checked the fonts and checked the checks. It's time to go the route of spliting some parts off into sub-domains with redirects. I've held off as this is a royal you-know-what to do with a large site but that time has come.

Before taking the plunge, I promise to fix the last fixes and upload the three donated files that have been waiting to be set free: 2 Keystone Glue Company booklets and one Marples catalog from the early part of the 20th century. I have to fiddle some problematic CSS first to get everything to behave and then, by next week, all will go live.

Then, by the end of July, splitsville. Which parts will split, how and when will, hopefully, be relatively transparent. Some links may go the way of all things for which I am truly sorry.

Till next, Gary