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Toolemera Books Classic Set On Sale At Popular Woodworking

Listen carefully, if you can listen carefully to a text blog. Ok, you can if you have a screen reader turned on. So sue me.

Popular Woodworking has selected 9 Toolemera titles, along with 3 of their PDF books to offer as a special Sale Set entitled:

The Woodworkers Classic Library.

This is not a shill for toolemerabooks.com as I have already earned my dollars and cents on this offering. Popular Woodworking asked, I accepted and I printed and shipped the books. Yes, I sat up late nights, covered in printers ink, page by page turning out each book on my Columbian Printing Press, hand bound each and every one, then packed and shipped the books by stagecoach. Not. I use Print On Demand via Lightning Source/Ingram. You've found me out.

Courtesy of Popular Woodworking and Megan Fitzpatrick, whose literary skills surpass even my studied New Yorkese, comes:


"Toolemera Books publishes an exceptional range of period books on the arts and methods of hand-tool woodworking from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. With the company’s classic reprints, you get the expert information of period craftsman, without having to pay the high price for rare, original books. And with this special collection, we’re offering to you the very best of Toolemera’s books at a can’t-pass-it-up price – you pay just $150; the total retail value of these books? $247.  

You’ll get solid hand-tool information ranging from David Denning’s “The Art and Craft of Cabinet-Making” to William Fairham’s “Woodwork Joints” to Ira Griffith’s “Furniture Making: Advanced Projects in Woodwork” and more. This collection is, quite simply, the quickest and most affordable and to build your library of must-have hand-tool woodworking books. Bonus: Order now and also receive PDF copies of three classic reprints from the publisher of Popular Woodworking Magazine: “Elementary Turning,” “Exercises in Woodworking” and “Spons on Carpentry and Joinery.” "

As is their wont, only 100 sets are available at this discounted price. Following the distribution of said sets, said sets will be no more and we will return you to your regularly scheduled book by book purchase.

In summation, I would like to thank the staff at Popular Woodworking and F&W Media, who have put up with my frequent niggling over details as well as for their considerable support in selecting Toolemera Books for this special collection. Thanks also to every customer who has chosen to purchase a Toolemera title as that is a way of telling Popular Woodworking that the books are of significant worth to the woodworking community and I've done my job well.

Till next, Gary